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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lots of interest in new book

Friends, I have received lots of interest in my new upcoming book (, thanks for that.
Here are some of your comments, thanks a lot guys. The book is to be published this Fall 2010.

That is a fantastic news Porus. I will definitely read this book. Do let me
know once it is out in the market. All the very best to your book.

Congrats Sir, will spread the mail around to all my tech staffs.

Congradulations!!! I will look for it.

Congratz on publishing the new book Porus.

Congratulations on the new book. I am wondering if there is a way to get an advance copy of this book either in electronic format or in physical format? I am very interested in this subject.

Porus - Congratulations on completing the book. I will like to get a copy for myself once available in the market.

Well done on putting the book together.I will keep an eye out for it downunder in Australia.

Congratulations on the publication of your New Book!

Eager enough to buy your book on Grid Control as we have installed 10g Grid Control in our environment and I'm sure it'll be boon to us.

Congratulations Porus. Will definetly by it! I with you to finish this book with success.

Congrats !!! Looking a lot more like this....

Congratulations !I am sure that will help lots of DBAs to upgrade from DBA v1.0 to DBA v2.0 in Oracle's terminology.

Good Luck with this.

Congratulations big achievement

Went through the details of your book, it's really a comprehensive guide for the GC guys. Best of luck for your efforts & continue with you endeavour.

Good Luck Porus, would be an interesting read.

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