Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Gavin Soorma Implementation Workshop: GoldenGate 12c

From fellow Oracle Certified Master Gavin Soorma:

Register for the new Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 online training course from Gavin and learn all about the exciting new features in Oracle 12.3 OGG like the Microservices Architecture, Parallel Replicats, Automatic Conflict Resolution and more as well as fast track yourself towards acquiring the skills to implement and maintain an Oracle 12c GoldenGate replication environment. Great for cloud database migrations as well.

Course Duration: 20+ hours
Course Fee: 549.00 USD including a lifetime subscription to Gavin's "Oracle DBA Tips & Techniques" website
Hands-on Lab Exercises with recordings provided of every session

Course Topics and Objectives:

• Learn about the new Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 microservices architecture, topologies and components
• Installation of Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Classic as well as Microservices Architecture
• Configuring the Manager process
• Prepare the Oracle database for GoldenGate replication
• Create Classic/Integrated extracts and replicat process groups
• Create Co-Ordinated /Parallel replicats
• Configure and manage DDL replication
• Configuring security and encryption of trail files and credentials in GoldenGate
• Column mapping, Data filtering and transformation
• Using the Logdump utility to examine trail files
• Using OBEY files, macros and tokens
• Handling errors and exceptions in GoldenGate
• Configuring Automatic Heartbeat Tables
• Monitoring Lag
• Configuring Bi-Directional replication, Conflict Detection and Resolution, and new 12c Release 3 automatic conflict resolution

Both weekdays as well as weekend batches are available for this training course.

Use the links below to register for the training.

From Mon, Oct 23, 2017 and meets 10 times

From Sun, Oct 29, 2017 and meets 5 times

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Oracle Training from OCM Gavin Soorma

Dear Friends,

Fellow Oracle Certified Master Gavin Soorma has now created some exciting new Oracle training courses.  On his behalf, we are pleased to announce the following forthcoming online training courses:

<> Oracle Database 12c Release 1 and Release 2 New Features
<> Oracle 12c Data Guard and Backup and Recovery
<> Oracle Performance Tuning Workshop
<> Exadata essentials for Oracle DBA’s
<> Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 Implementation Workshop
<> Oracle GoldenGate 12c Release 3 Advanced Workshop
<> Oracle 12c Clusterware, RAC and ASM
<> SQL Server 2016 for Oracle DBA’s

All the above courses are between 16 to 20 hours in duration (4 hours a week) and are each priced at only 499.00 USD including a free lifetime membership to his Oracle DBA Tips and Techniques website.

Recordings will be made available for each session and every course will carry several hands-on lab exercise modules for which remote support will be provided as well.

Kindly register your interest for any of the training courses listed via the link below:


Porus Homi Havewala
Oracle Certified Master.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Aussie Database Performance Tuning software "Ellarose" from Riyosu

My friend and fellow Oracle OCP Nathan McAteer is providing all readers with an opportunity to purchase the latest version of Riyosu’s Aussie database performance tuning software "Ellarose" at a discounted rate. Ellarose, named after his daughter by the proud father, is used by some of Australia’s largest financial institutions on a daily basis. In fact the majority of articles posted by Nathan on the Riyosu website are real world scenarios from one of the top 4 Australian banks.

The product is extremely versatile and covers a range of Oracle version and editions. Both Standard and Enterprise edition are supported from 10g. Backward compatibility from 9i downwards is cleverly done by allowing the user to tailor the underlying scripts which query the database performance metrics. Access to the underlying scripts is a huge bonus and rarely do vendors share the intelligence of their product like this. It means you also get access to hundreds of great performance scripts. Not licensed to use AWR? Not a problem because it also works on STATSPACK. There are a whole series of articles from Nathan on the Riyosu web site about the database performance tuning that can be achieved by Ellarose.

The Ellarose product itself can be downloaded through the Riyosu online store at for an annual subscription of $349 USD (further discount code provided below). Once you have your subscription you can use it on *any* number of databases within your organisation. Note that similar products on the market would cost ten times as much.

For a further 10% discount, enter the special coupon code of "SDBA1".

Note: You can apply your discount code after clicking on the “BUY NOW” button.


Porus Homi Havewala,

Oracle Certified Master.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Optimize Oracle response times with Cary Millsap using Method R

Came across this interesting logical method of Oracle Database Tuning called as Method R, created by Cary Millsap (pictured), a performance tuning expert and an Oracle veteran. If you want to learn more about Method R, you can attend the webinar below. The following information is from Cintra where Cary is currently a Vice President.


  • Date:            Thursday 26th October 2017
  • Time:            11:00 (EDT) and 16:00 (BST)
  • Duration:     30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A
  • Location:     Online webinar

Your customers’ experience with the speed of your applications is an important differentiator. As you move to the cloud, delivering excellent performance experiences becomes even more challenging.

Traditional Oracle performance management isn’t enough; our revolutionary approach enables you to understand exactly how your users experience your systems.

In this webinar, Cintra practice leader Kyle Smith will discuss Method R with Cary Millsap. Join us to learn more about this extraordinary advance in Oracle performance optimization:

  • What does “faster systems” really mean?
  • Why is it so hard to get there?
  • What is Method R? How is it different? Why did we create it?
  • How does the process work?
  • How does moving to the cloud affect performance management?

If you’re unable to make the time below, please register and we’ll send you the recording afterwards.

Please register on 

Recordings of Previous Webinars:

17th August Method R webinar:

27th September Method R webinar:

Product demonstration recording:


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

EXADATA Essentials For Oracle DBAs: Hands-on 4-Week Saturday Workshop by Gavin Soorma (OCM)

My friend and fellow Oracle Certified Master Gavin Soorma, after his recent popular Oracle RAC workshop (over 100 registrants) is now offering a new hands-on 4-week Saturday workshop on "Exadata Essentials For Oracle DBA’s", so you can fast track your path towards becoming an Oracle Database Machine (DMA) administrator.

In this new workshop, instructions will be provided by Gavin on how to install and configure an Exadata Storage Server on your own individual VirtualBox platform.

You will learn about the architecture, key features and capabilities of Exadata Database Machine as well as how to administer, monitor and manage the Exadata Storage Server using the CELLCLI command line interface. Attendees will learn how to use CELLCLI to create and manage celldisks, grid disks and flash disks as well as how to configure alerts and monitoring of storage cells on their own individual Exadata Storage Server environments.

The 4-week online workshop commencing on Saturday, 30th September will include hands-on lab exercises for each module (for which remote support will be provided) and cover a wide variety of topics (the full list can be seen in the registration URL given below). Recordings of sessions  will be made available for future reference.

The course curriculum is based on topics in the Exadata Database Machine: 12c Administration Workshop course offered by Oracle University, the latter  costs over US$5000 whereas Gavin's workshop is only $499.00 USD which is about 1/10th of the cost.

Kindly use the link below to register and pay for the Exadata Essentials for Oracle DBA’s training course.

Registration URL:

For any related queries or clarifications kindly drop an email to


Porus Homi Havewala.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oracle preps autonomous database at OpenWorld

Oracle preps autonomous database at OpenWorld

IMHO The new database version will probably use the Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) to monitor and tune, the OMC has machine learning using big data analytics to aid performance tuning. Since version 10g, the Oracle DB has had self-tuning capabilities, i.e. auto application of SQL profiles using the Tuning pack license. Everything else was done by the DBA, perhaps with advice gained from the Tuning Advisor, but the DBA had to make the final call. Probably the self-tuning has been carried further in the coming version with expertise from machine learning. Regarding AWS databases, I would agree that the AWS capability of performance insights is only at its starting stage so databases on AWS Aurora cant really be compared to what Oracle will offer in this regard.


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