Thursday, May 17, 2012

New ROI and Cost Comparison studies

Forrester Consulting: Oracle Real Application Testing Delivers 224% ROI
Forrester Consulting conducted a multi-customer study revealing customers gain significant benefits and cost savings from Oracle Real Application Testing, an Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition option.  Please go to this page to download the Forrester Consulting Total Economic ImpactTM of Oracle Real Application Testing study.

Cost Comparison Whitepapers: Oracle Database 11g’s Industry-Leading Manageability Significantly Lowers Operational Management Costs
Once again Oracle Database 11g continues to outperform IBM, Microsoft and SAP Sybase with its self-manageability, delivering the industry’s best performance and availability. These cost comparison studies show how Oracle Database 11g takes less time and effort to manage helping you save more in database administrator productivity per year compared to other databases. Here are the IBM DB2Microsoft SQL Server, and SAP Sybase cost comparison studies so you can see the clear benefits of choosing Oracle Database 11g and its manageability using Enterprise Manager.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

How Enterprise Manager helps with PeopleSoft Management

How Enterprise Manager helps with PeopleSoft management. 

1.       The Enterprise Manager AMS Suite for PeopleSoft shows a topology of all PeopleSoft components,  including the PS App Server, PS Web Server, PS Process Scheduler, PS App Database and so on. All these components are monitored as per warning and critical thresholds and alerts will be raised if thresholds are crossed. The Topology view uses Root Cause Analysis to test each component and highlight in red the component that has failed. For example, a PeopleSoft system can be down just because a small component like the listener is down, which prevents connection to the database. Root Cause Analysis pinpoints the failed listener and the DBAs can fix quickly. You are back in business, faster.

2.       PeopleSoft Domain Administration can be centralized, with the ability to create and configure domains, and PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Management can be performed through Enterprise Manager. The PeopleSoft Admin can centrally access all logs on all servers to aid in trouble shooting, and can centrally purge or archive logs. All this reduces admin time and makes the PeopleSoft Admin have improved productivity.

3.       Configuration of various PeopleSoft components can be compared to vastly aid in trouble-shooting and there is an audit-trail of all changes to PeopleSoft systems, which allows you to enforce configuration and security compliance. There is change tracking of PeopleSoft System Parameters so more security.

4.       Real user monitoring of the PeopleSoft application can be performed to pinpoint the slowest pages or modules and the real life experience of the users can be understood. This reduces the problem resolution time of the issues reported by end users. More user satisfaction.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cloud Control 12c released for Windows 64-bit

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 1 ( for Windows x86-64 (64-bit) has been released:

Notes from EM Product Management:

EM12c OMS is now supported on Windows x64 and the EM12c agents can be deployed on Windows x64, Windows 32 and zLinux. The software is available for download on OTN and EM Store (Self-update). A few tips:

1   1.   You should use the OTN download link only if you want to install the EM12c OMS on Windows. If you have an existing EM12c OMS running on Linux, the new agent image will be available to you through the EM12c self-update functionality.

     2. Please note that the Windows port already includes BP1. So if you do a brand new install of OMS on Windows, you already have all the BP1 fixes. On other platforms (e.g. Linux), you will either need to have a BP1 environment available to apply the Windows update or you will have to undertake the process of applying the BP1 update as a part of the Windows update process (i.e. apply the BP1 update first on your existing non-Windows OMS).
       3. You will need to apply some patches on the Linux EM12c OMS before you can push the new agents and  monitor targets on the above three platforms. See the guide below for details. 

-     4. Also, if you are thinking of starting a new update from EM 10g/11g, please download the latest version of the Pre-Upgrade Console patches. See the guide below for details. 

The details are in the BP1 application guide. Please see the BP1 workbook which has been revised for the Windows update and is now part of the doc library.

A quick update: the SQL Server plug-in is now also available via self-update.

Courtesy, EM Product Management.




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