Sunday, September 28, 2008

Installing Grid Control repository on RAC with ASM

Praveen Chandran asked: I am facing a typical problem in my Grid setup. I am installing Grid on my rac database, which is under asm.I selected the option to use "Existing Database". After providing the correct hostname, port and service, i have given the datafile path for the managemnt respository tablespace like '+DATA/mydata/mgmt1.dbf' , its giving me an error , "Do not have sufficient privilegae for creating tablespace on the specfied location" But i am able to create a tablespace from sqlplus, only OUI is telling about a problem. I could not find any problem in log files with logging level to trace and debug enabled. strace is alos not giving any input. BTw i am using Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.5 for my test and using external harddisk as a shared storage Please let me know , if you find any similar kind of issues

My reply: Praveen, I have never installed the repository onto an existing RAC database which is on top of it using ASM. You have introduced too many complexities into the picture. Can I suggest you keep it simple. Regarding the management repository tablespace where you have an issue, first simply create it as a non-ASM tablespace. Once that succeeds, later on, move it to ASM. That may be the trick required.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Agent issue - target not seen

If the agent installation has succeeded but database target not seen, 
issue still not solved. kindly advice please.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grid Control manages the Lot

Ray Payne,  Principal Architect, Oracle Infrastructure at The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, mentioned in an answer to a LinkedIn question: 
We are finding that Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control and various management packs and plug-ins are pretty comprehensive. We are using for Database, Operating System, Middleware, Applications (EBusiness Suite and Peoplesoft), as well as our EMC Storage and F5 BigIP load balancers. Comprehensive, and all in one tool supported by one vendor. 
I fully support and second what Ray has said. Grid Control indeed manages the lot.

agent upload after OMS hostname change

after change of OMS hostname like hsd01 to fcs01 ,target agent could not able to upload all
xml file and show error as upload error because hostname is stored in various file like etc.
to avoid wastage of effort its better to reinstalled agent and see all XML file uploaded smoothly.

target not seen

agent has been installed successfully on AIX but database(target) could not automatically detect. when i tried to add manually, it gives error as hostname_svc file not available.
How to get the right result?

best regards

Monday, September 15, 2008

Great Future for Grid Control

Oracle Enterprise Manager is perfectly positioned to become the #1 in Systems and Applications Management, as per IDC and Forrester Reports.  This was told to us by Oracle in one of their workshops in Singapore in the past few weeks. Sounds like there is a Great Future ahead for Grid Control.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bare Metal Provisioning

Just saw a blog by Johan Louwers in which he speaks of moving to Oracle
Enterprise Linux by kick-starting from an image of Linux on the network:

Good decision to move to Oracle Enterprise Linux. I wonder though, did he consider using the Provisioning Pack of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, and the "bare metal provisoning" feature which can create Linux servers out of bare metal based on a Gold image. That would have saved him from re-inventing manually what Oracle has already done with Grid Control.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Free Oracle GRID CONTROL workshops in Singapore

Oracle DBAs / Database Managers / Senior Management,

If you are based in Singapore, please feel free to attend the Oracle GRID CONTROL workshop we will be running at our Office @ 2.30 to 5pm Every Thursday starting 25th Sept. These workshops are totally free. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

S&I Oracle Core Technology Workshop Series

25th Sept : 2 hour session on Grid Control architecture and day to day Database Management using Grid Control

· Explain Grid Control architecture and scalability for multiple target monitioring and management
· Explain Grid Control multiple-level security via target groups, administrators, roles, privileges
· Overview of Grid Control Console and access to target information such as database versions, server configurations, server performance, alerts and patch notifications
· Overview of Database Home Page
· Day to day Database Administration using Grid Control
· Execution of server scripts on multiple hosts or sql scripts on multiple databases

2nd Oct: 2 hour session on Database Performance monitoring and Performance improvement using Grid Control

· Overview of Database Performance page
· Drilldown to specific performance issues and top events
· Generate stress load on the database using Swinggbench and demonstrate ADDM capabilities
· Demonstrate Advisor Central capabilites eg. Sql Tuning Advisor, Sql tuning sets

9th Oct: 2 hour session on Database RMAN Backups using Grid Control

· Overview of Database Maintenance page
· Configure RMAN settings for a database eg. controlfile autobackup, retention policy
· Setup and schedule full RMAN backups for a database
· Setup and schedule incremental RMAN backups for a database
· Setup and schedule image copy refreshes for a database

16th Oct: 2 hour session on Database Patch application using Grid Control

· Overview of Patch Deployments using Grid Control
· Critical patch advisory for databases on Grid Control
· Connect to Metalink and find a patch, download to staging area on oms server,
· After testing, deploy patch on multiple databases in an automated “lights-out” operation

Our office address is curently:

S&I Systems Ptd Ltd
298 Tiong Bahru Road
#12-01/06 Central Plaza
Singapore 168730

Please register (free) by emailing your name, title, company and contact information to

Look forward to seeing you in the workshop.


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