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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Installing Grid Control repository on RAC with ASM

Praveen Chandran asked: I am facing a typical problem in my Grid setup. I am installing Grid on my rac database, which is under asm.I selected the option to use "Existing Database". After providing the correct hostname, port and service, i have given the datafile path for the managemnt respository tablespace like '+DATA/mydata/mgmt1.dbf' , its giving me an error , "Do not have sufficient privilegae for creating tablespace on the specfied location" But i am able to create a tablespace from sqlplus, only OUI is telling about a problem. I could not find any problem in log files with logging level to trace and debug enabled. strace is alos not giving any input. BTw i am using Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.5 for my test and using external harddisk as a shared storage Please let me know , if you find any similar kind of issues

My reply: Praveen, I have never installed the repository onto an existing RAC database which is on top of it using ASM. You have introduced too many complexities into the picture. Can I suggest you keep it simple. Regarding the management repository tablespace where you have an issue, first simply create it as a non-ASM tablespace. Once that succeeds, later on, move it to ASM. That may be the trick required.

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