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Saturday, March 6, 2010

More comments on Grid Control Book

Friends, here are a few more comments that I received on my upcoming book on Grid Control:

I read the briefing on OTN hope I buy the book and will see how it can help.
Between Grid, cloud and RAC the concept is still a bit cloudy.

Congratulation for this achievement & Thanks for telling. I will wait for
this to be available in market.

Porus, Its great to know that finally some one wrote a very valuable book
for all of us. But I would strongly recommend if you could add additionally
topics related to setting Events, alerts, strategies used in practical
production environments and also customizing the reports, Dashboards and adding
additional few steps to add layer of analytical queries (using the Metadata) to
create ITIL based reporting using various Mgmt repository tables. That way not
only DBA's can use GRID but it can help the Upper Management as well.

My reply:

Thanks guys. Great to know that you appreciate the book. Yes, definitely I have some ITIL content with customization of a few reports. I am not concentrating on events and alerts, I think every other book does that - they look at the "monitoring" aspects of Grid Control and seem to forget the "management" aspects. For eg. Service level management.

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