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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oracle RAC with Enterprise Manager Grid Control workshop

We just conducted an extremely successful Oracle RAC with Enterprise Manager Grid Control workshop at my company S&I Systems Singapore, jointly with Oracle. For details of this and future workshops, please see:
(Note: this URL is a new one from the URL I had supplied a few days ago).

Thanks to Oracle demonstration services known as TDS, hitherto available only to Oracle Pre-Sales but now avaialable to Oracle Certified Partners as well, we were able to show Grid Control in action managing a 4-node 11g RAC cluster database. We showed the easy addition and management of Cluster database services and their mapping to preferred and available instances, and the failover of the service to the available instance when the preferred instance is shut down.

We also demonstrated easy performance diagnosis and tuning of the RAC database using Grid Control. Also, a quick glance was taken at the Deployment Procedures supplied by Oracle for Rolling upgrades of the RAC database and also of the Oracle Clusterware. We also showed the Configuration managment capabilities that captured a history of changes at the server, cluster as well as database level. Thus, we consider Grid Control to be essential for efficient RAC database and cluster management.

The Enterprise Manager packs that would be essential for the above operations would be the Diagnostic / Tuning / Configuration Managment / Provisioning Packs.

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