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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Revisiting Patch Management - Patch Set Updates

First of the PSU (more like a beta) was released on Jul 17th for Oracle DB across specific platforms of Unix.   Oracle will release PSUs every quarter (starting with July 2009) along with quarterly CPUs across Databases and Middleware.  PSUs will be a superset of CPUs and will have additional recommended patches from Oracle. These set of patches are tested in cohesion.

First patch in the series is patch number : 8576156  applicable on Database. The application of this patch can be identified from the inventory by running – opatch lsinventory. 

PSU provides all high value, recommended patches for the Oracle Software. Based on the Patch Management cycle, factor in PSU for the future cycles of patch management.  Suggest once you take up the PSU track,stay on the course. Without which, resolving conflicts, getting specific MLRs will require significant efforts.As the readme of the PSU note reads.. Once a PSU has been installed, the recommended way to get future security content is to apply subsequent PSUs. Reverting from PSU back to CPU, while possible, would require significant effort, and so is not advised” 

Application of PSU can be automated through Deployment procedures. Refer to My Oracle Support note: 864316.1

For the future (October 2009 and onwards) you will get Out-of-Box support for the PSU across various versions.


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