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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New One-Off Patch on top of for Patch Automation

Download the latest one-off patch introducing fixes on Patch Automation feature from Enterprise Manager Number: 8653501)


Download the patch and apply it on one/all of the OMS server. Make sure you complete the additional steps in the readme.


Patch Summary

This one-off patch is applicable on top of Enterprise manager, the patch introduces:

1. Enhanced Pre-requisites checks to standard deployment procedures,which can be invoked in Analyze mode to verify the applicability of the patch on the database environment.

Run the Deployment Procedures in Analyze Mode to do complete patchability check before the actual patching cycle. The below two modes are seen in the Review page during the Deployment procedure execution.


On submitting in ‘Analyze’ mode, the pre-req checks are run and you could check for the results with recommendations under RESULTS tab



2. Two new reports, accessible under Reports tab:
a. EM Target Patchability Report: Provides a comprehensive report on the automated patchability of the database environment managed by Grid control.
b. Patching Deployment Procedure Execution Summary Report: Provides a summary view of the deployment procedure's execution status across the given time period.




Deployment Procedures that are modified by the patch,
1. 'Patch Oracle Database'
2. 'Patch Oracle RAC - Rolling'
3. 'Patch Oracle RAC - All Nodes'
These procedures are accessible under 'Patching through Deployment Procedures'
in 'Deployments' page and versioned 5.1.

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