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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Free trial access of the Oracle Licensing training course


This is a message from my friend and Oracle licensing expert Sibaji Dey Choudhury.

Oracle Licensing has been a global challenge for a number of years now, and a lack of deep understanding on Oracle Licensing has derived $$ Millions during audits from unaware Oracle customers. To help tackle this issue 'Licensing Circle' was built to train and certify Oracle professionals on a comprehensive, portal-based knowledge on Oracle License Management.

The Oracle Senior DBA group on Linkedin has negotiated with 'Licensing Circle' to provide for the members of the Oracle Senior DBA Group a Free, trial access of the Oracle Licensing training course. This offer is also open to your own Linkedin contacts who may not be a member of the group.

So, how do you get the Free, trial access of 'Licensing Circle'?

Step 1: Sign up on (takes 1 minute)
Step 2: Request Free, trial access on the Contact Us page. Mention the Oracle Senior DBA group.

We sincerely hope this will benefit all our group members and their contacts.

Best regards,

Porus Homi Havewala,
Oracle Certified Master.

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