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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Managing Oracle Database 12c with Enterprise Manager – Part II

In the last post, we saw what the discovery of an Oracle 12.1 Container Database (CDB) would look like in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, with the CDB and component PDBs all being discovered by the EM Agent that has been installed on the target database server.
Drilling down to a CDB, the following screenshot illustrates how the CDB Home page would appear. The Home Page shows the list of Pluggable Databases in this Container Database.
Enterprise Manager 12c allows you to easily open/close component Pluggable Databases from the Container Database Menu.
Pluggable Databases can be opened “Read Only” or for “Read Write”. The “Open” in the menu below indicates a normal open, i.e. for Read Write.
It is also possible to provision new Pluggable Databases directly from Enterprise Manager, from the Container Database menu as seen below.
This brings up the Provision Pluggable Databases page. On this page, you can migrate an existing non-CDB database to be a new pluggable database. You can create a new pluggable database either from a seed database, or by cloning an existing pluggable database,  or from an unplugged database.  You can also unplug a pluggable database, or delete it totally along with the datafiles.
In the next blog post, we will talk more about the Enterprise Manager licensing requirements for this page. These aspects need to be clearly understood.
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