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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Managing Oracle Database 12c with Enterprise Manager – Part I

A friend from a lovely country in South America wrote to me :
“Hi My Friend!! My colleague has installed an Oracle Database 12c Container database (CDB) and he has created 2 Pluggable databases (PDBs) on it. He is keen to manage the CDB and PDBs in Enterprise Manager.
“But, when he adds the database to Enterprise Manager 12c, he sees it like a non-CDB and there is no way to work with PDB’s (in fact, he can’t see the arrow left of the database for drilldown to the PDB’s)
“Do you know if he must follow some steps after adding the database to EM, in order to work with PDB's?”
My reply to my friend:
This may happen if he has not downloaded the latest database plug-in for Oracle Database. He needs to download the latest Database plug-in using Self-Update. The latest Oracle Database Plug-in version, as of August 2014, is
A bit of EM history: Plug-in “Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database (DB)” was released by Enterprise Manager Self-Update in early 2013. This Plug-in supported the Database as soon as it was released. So support for the new database 12c has been there even before the database was released!!
 This means that Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c was immediately able to discover, monitor and manage the newly released Oracle Database 12c, including the new feature of Pluggable databases (PDBs) and Container databases (CDBs).  
The screenshot below shows how Database 12c targets can be discovered. Enterprise Manager discovers Container databases (CDBs) as well as Pluggable databases (PDBs).
Once discovered, the Database 12c Targets appear in the Database Target List.
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