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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reconfiguring Database Control using EMCA

Someone asked me a question. He wanted to restore a database to a new host. The database included the Enterprise Manager Repository. Using RMAN, he restored the database to the new host, but was unable to start Enterprise Manager on the new host.

My answer:

I presume you are talking of Enterprise Manager Database Control and its repository, and not Grid Control.

Since you have restored the database to a new server, you must manually configure database control using EMCA. This is because available ports etc may be different on different servers and Oracle cant use the same settings, also the Database control configuration files are actually sitting outside the db in the oracle home. So when you copy the database, you are not copying the home and that info is lost, so you must reconfigure database control on the new host.

Please refer to the Oracle documentation at :

This will tell you how to use EMCA to config database control. You may need to deconfig first to clear up any existing repository.

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