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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Use Grid Control to Secure Backup your database to the Internet Cloud!

This is more great thought and technical leadership from Oracle. In a recent press release, read the part about secure cloud-based backup ie, backing up your production database onto an internet backup cloud (from Amazon) and you will know what I mean. Absolutely innovative and mind-boggling, this is the Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module. You can use Grid Control to backup to the cloud using RMAN and recover your database too from the cloud.

The full press release is on :

This mentions:
Oracle is also introducing a secure Cloud-based backup solution. Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module, based on Oracle’s premier tape backup management software, Oracle Secure Backup, enables customers to use the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as their database backup destination. Cloud-based backups offer reliability and virtually unlimited capacity, available on-demand and with no up-front capital expenditure. The Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module also enables encrypted data backups to help ensure complete privacy in the Cloud environment. It’s fully integrated with Oracle Recovery Manager and Oracle Enterprise Manager, providing users with familiar interfaces for Cloud-based backups.

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