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Monday, October 13, 2008

Changing Error handling in Patch deployment procedures in Grid Control

During Patch application via Grid Control (Provisioning Pack), we can auto bring up the database up again if the patch application fails for any reason (like files in use). This was the main concern expressed recently by a group of DBAs, that if the patch application fails, the database was not being brought up. The way we fix this is as follows.

Oracle supplies deployment proceedures out of the box, such as “Patch Oracle Database”. We simply make a copy of this procedure and make our changes.

In the Grid Control Console, we go to the “Deployments” tab then select “Patching through Deployment procedures”. Now select the “Patch Oracle database”  procedure and click on “Create Like”. This is our copy we can work on.

In our copy, scroll down to the “Apply Patches” step and in its Error Handling Mode” which is the last column, choose “contnue on error” rather than the default “Inherit (Stop on error)”. This will allow the procedure to continue even if the patch application fails, and bring up the database.

This proves that Oracle has supplied a lot of capabilities in the Provisioning pack of Grid Control.

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