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Friday, May 16, 2008

More Reasons to use Em10g

One technical friend wrote to me:

We are planning an OEM deployment to make use of Grid Control across the company...Our plan is to have a single OEM "view" of the company for all Oracle DBAs and will include global server load balancing using Big-IP...

The main reasons for the OEM build are :

1) Provide the DBAs with a single view of the Oracle estate along with
instance management improvements;

2) Provide a management interface for the planned RAC build.

I wrote back:

Your reasons for deploying EM10g are excellent, may I add another reason, to provide senior Management with a view of Oracle licences across the organization, and more importantly, the use or non-use of expensive allocated San storage space. This was a very important reason in a large telecom whereby management was able to save more than a million dollars each year. The telecom had asked Oracle to write a special disk storage usage report. Oracle has since incorporated the report in Release 2 of EM10g so it comes along with the product along with many other reports.



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