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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Introduction and First Post

Just to introduce myself:

I am a Senior Oracle DBA / Database Consultant with broad experience in Oracle technology since 1994 including 7+ years as a Production Dba, 7 years as a Senior Database Consultant, 2.5 years as an Oracle E-Business Technical Dba and Systems Administrator, and approx. 6 years as a Development Dba / Database Designer Modeller (yes, using Oracle Designer).

I am also an Oracle ACE (for those who are not aware, this is an award from Oracle Corporation).

I started using Oracle Enterprise Manager right from the days of Server Manager. Well, used it as far as it was possible in those days, but I was always interested in Gui management of the database. I have seen Enterprise Manager become more and more better over the years, until finally, when Oracle released Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control and Database control in the early 2000s, it was good enough to deploy at the Enterprise level. At Telstra in Australia, we did just that, we had a central EM10g installation with three load balanced management servers, and this was being used to manage literally 100s of databases and servers (more than 700) all around Australia and managed by tens of database teams.

We were the first in the world to put Grid Control in production. I was also a Beta tester of EM10g Grid Control Release 2 when it came out. I have been an enthusiast of Grid Control ever since, because I discovered it really delivered the goods, in day to day administration, in things like RMAN backups and Dataguard setup and monitoring.

When I was employed at Oracle India, I convinced a number of banks and a large telecom in India to use Grid Control, and they started to use it very effectively.

I thought of setting up this blog so that people can discuss the use of Grid Control. Please go ahead and post,


Porus Homi Havewala.


Anonymous said...

Hi Porus,

I am also using GC to monitoring all oracle product in production and development platform.

My architecture is OMS and repository in Windows machine. The targets have AIX machine and windows machine.

Currently, I am using I found it has many bugs. My user experience is not so good.

I can see the support for GC on AIX is not so good

Porus Homi Havewala (પોરસ હોમી હવેવાલા) said...

Thanks for your comment. Try upgrading to Release 3 if available on Aix, Oracle usually fixes small issues in later releases. The main thing is that an SR must be raised with Oracle if you find an issue, otherwise they wont come to hear of the issue and will not deidicate their development time to fix it, unless there is an SR which points to a bug. There are a number of such SRs and enhancement requests that we raised in Release 1 of Grid Control, and most were fixed in Release 2.

Ilmar's Blog said...


Thank you for this interesting and useful blog.

But I have one technical request, please make the blog posts also available as a (Atom) feed. Currently all the feed links I found on this site point to the podcast.

Thank you.


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