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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hands-on 5 week Sunday workshop for Oracle 12c RAC, ASM and Clusterware

My friend and fellow Oracle Certified Master Gavin Soorma is offering this five week online workshop on Sundays, which looks very interesting for people seeking to learn about these advanced Oracle technologies. 

This online training workshop will help you build your own personal two-node Oracle 12c Release 2 Real Application Cluster environment and learn in-depth about Oracle 12c RAC, ASM and Clusterware Administration.

The five week, 20 hour online workshop commencing on Sunday, September 10th will include hands-on lab exercises for each module (for which remote support will be provided) and cover a wide variety of topics including :

<> How to install and upgrade Oracle 12c (R1 and R2) Grid Infrastructure 
<> How to administer and manage Oracle Clusterware including Flex Clusters 
<> How to create and manage policy and admin-managed RAC databases 
<> ASM architecture, Diskgroups, ACFS, Flex ASM 
<> Applying a patch to Grid Infrastructure and Database Home
..... and more!

This course will cover the main topics from three separate Oracle University Courses (12c RAC Administration, 12c ASM Administration and 12c Clusterware Administration).

The cost of the training is 599.00 USD which would otherwise have costed close to 10,000 dollars for attending all three official Oracle University trainings! There is a further ten percent discount if you use the discount code mentioned below.

Kindly register for the training course via the URL mentioned below.

Registration URL:

On this form, type the discount code "OracleSeniorDBAGroup" in the Discount Code field for a further special TEN PERCENT DISCOUNT on the 599 USD cost of the course.

Porus Homi Havewala.

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