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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to check for Database Option and Management Pack usage

How do you check for Database Option and Management Pack usage? There are two scripts available from Oracle for this purpose. They are :
1. option_usage.sql
This script outputs database option usage and management pack usage by a database target
2.  used_options_details.sql
This script will output the features used by each database option and management pack.
You can get these two scripts from Document ID 1317265.1 in My Oracle Support. The direct link for the document is here.
These scripts can be executed manually on database targets, or optionally they can be run on all targets via Enterprise Manager – which will be more convenient.
Note that the output of these scripts is for information purposes only. You need to talk to the Oracle Sales representative in your location to find out which options and packs your company is licensed for.
This is an example of running the script in Oracle SQL Developer on a particular database. In this database, only the Tuning pack is in use. Although this may be technically valid (the Diagnostics pack may never have been used), you still require the pre-requisite license of the Diagnostics pack to use the Tuning pack.
In the above case, running the second script tells you that the feature being used as part of the Tuning Pack is the “Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor”, and tells you the number of detected uses and the last usage date.     
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