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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Latest Bundle Patch for EM12c and White paper for reducing downtime when patching the OMS

Enterprise Manager was released in June 2014, and the OMS Bundle patches  have also been released in July 2014. If you have recently upgraded your Enterprise Manager OMS  to, it is recommended to apply the latest available bundle patch to your OMS.
For the list of the available Bundle patches or System patches, please refer to the My Oracle Support note “Enterprise Manager (PS3) Master Bundle Patch List” (Doc ID 1900943.1). As per this document, the latest bundle patch was released on July 31st 2014 and is System Patch which is Patch Number 19176910.
This is a single System patch that includes all the OMS-Side Plug-in Bundles released in July 2014 (Cloud, DB, FMW, Fusion Applications Plug-in (FA), Siebel, Storage Management Plug-in (SMF), Oracle Virtual Infrastructure Plug-in (OVI), and Virtualization Plug-in (VT)).
The previous bundle patch was (released on July 2, 2014) which was Patch Number 18945232. This is now superseded by the latest bundle patch i.e. Patch Number 19176910 as stated above.
Downtime on the Enterprise Manager OMS will be needed when applying the bundle patch. However, if you have multiple OMS servers (recommended for a large enterprise), then it is possible to reduce the downtime.
You can refer to the new whitepaper on OTN “Reducing Downtime while patching Multi-OMS Environments” for the steps you can take to reduce downtime.  The opatchauto command is used to generate scripts to automate the steps that are required to patch such a scenario.
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