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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting Agent software in Offline mode

A customer wanted to install the EM Agent on a different platform (the EM OS was Linux, the target OS was IBM AIX) and his OMS was in offline mode. The following was my reply to him. This would be useful to others, so posting it here.

For the Agent install, see the offline instructions below. I have gathered these instructions for you from the manuals. The important points are in boldface. I suggest you try this agent install on a development or test server first.

As you can see, the offline mode has a number of manual steps, so would recommend a MOS  connection to the OMS for future convenience for your team.

Procuring Oracle Management Agent Software
Oracle Management Agent (Management Agent) is one of the core components of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, and therefore, its software is part of the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control software. When you install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, the installation wizard automatically installs a Management Agent.

You can install additional Management Agents using the Add Host Targets Wizard built into the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control console (Cloud Control console). The wizard uses the Management Agent software that is already present in the OMS home.

However, note that the Management Agent software present in the OMS home is always for the version and platform on which that OMS is running. For example, if the OMS is Oracle Management Service 12c and it is running on Linux platform, then the Management Agent software available there is also for Linux platform.

If you want to install a Management Agent for a platform that is different from the one on which the OMS is running, then ensure that you download that software using the Self Update Console, which is built into the Cloud Control console.

Acquiring Management Agent Software in Offline Mode

If Enterprise Manager is not connected to My Oracle Support via the Internet, it is said to run in Offline Mode.

To download and apply the Management Agent software using Self Update when Enterprise Manager is running in Offline Mode, follow these steps:
1.     Ensure that you have set up Self Update.
For setting up Self Update, follow instructions in   
2.     From the Setup menu, select Extensibility, then select Self Update.

3.     On the Self Update home page, click Check Updates. A message is displayed that contains the URL to be accessed to download a catalog of all updates.

4.     From an Internet-enabled computer, download the catalog file using the aforementioned URL.
Note: Do not unzip the file.
5.     Copy the downloaded file to either of the following:
o   To any host that has a Management Agent and EM CLI installed
o   To the Oracle Management Service (OMS) host (EM CLI is configured out of box on the OMS host machine, so no setup is required)

6.     Navigate to and log in to EM CLI, running the command as the install user, for example:
./emcli login -username=sysman
7.     Synchronize EM CLI:
./emcli sync
8.     Run the emcli import_update_catalog command to import the archive into the Oracle Management Service instance or the Management Agent you want to update. For example:
./emcli import_update_catalog -omslocal  -file=zip file absolute path
Before running this command, ensure that you have set up Software Library in Cloud Control. For information on how to do this, see Oracle Enterprise Manager Lifecycle Management Administrator's Guide.
9.     Return to the Self Update home page and do a refresh to see a count of new updates in the Available Updates column.
10.  For Type, select Agent Software, then select Open from the Actions menu. The Agent Software Updates page appears to show the Management Agent software available for different platforms.
11.  Select an update from the list of available updates. All entries other than the one that matches the platform of the OMS host should show their status as Available.
12.  Click Download. A message displays with a URL and instructions.

13.  From an Internet-enabled computer, download the file from the URL displayed in Step 12. Do one of the following:
o   Copy the file to a Management Agent host and follow the instructions displayed in Step 12.
o   Copy the file to Oracle Management Service host and follow the instructions displayed in Step 12.
At this stage, the update will show up in a downloaded state in the Self Update home page.
14.  Once the download is complete, select the Management Agent, then click Apply. This step will stage the Management Agent software in Software Library and make it available to the Add Host Targets wizard, which you will use to install Management Agents on hosts.

Installation Procedure

This section describes the actions involved in installing Management Agents. It consists of the following:
·        Installing Management Agents Using Add Host Targets Wizard  ===> Follow these instructions



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