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Monday, October 7, 2013

Joy of Giving Week: Being Celebrated By Akshaya Patra Foundation To Feed The Children

As part of its social commitments to the broader community, the Enterprise Manager Blog is proud to carry the following message from one of it's favourite charities, Akshaya Patra, which feeds hungry little school children in India.

The Joy of Giving week  is celebrated between 2nd and 8th October to mark the happiness behind giving a little of what you already have. There’s no joy in this world equivalent to that of sharing with someone who is really in need. Millions of people in the world, especially children in India need our help to make their life worthwhile.  Hence, it is important to emphasise the Joy of Donating for a cause like this.

The great poet, Kahlil Gibran once said, “I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.” Although this statement was made in the two centuries ago, it holds good even in today’s situation. The added advantage is that people in this century need not visit a certain place to donate. They can experience the joy of giving online! It takes just a click of the mouse to donate for children. Making donations for children is the ultimate way to experience the true joy of giving. Moreover, it takes a very small sum of monetary support to make a child’s life.

In order to donate for children in India, one has to understand the grave importance of donations for children. According to reliable sources, 400 million children live in India, which is the highest recorded child population in the world. Of these, more than 200 million are malnourished. About 50 per cent of the children in the age group of 6 to 18, an approximate total of 8.1 million children in India don’t attend school since they are subjected to child labour since they come from families below poverty line. They go to sleep on an empty stomach every night. These are the children who need our constant support to give them the liberty to dream and to make sure they never give up on those dreams. Just one donation from each of this country’s citizens who are earning enough for a living, will help each of these children go to school, where they deserve to be.
There are a large number of charities that dedicatedly work for the joy of children. But these charities also depend on contributions made by responsible citizens who are leading a comfortable life. Be it monetary or in kind, it’s when you give that you experience the true joy of giving. The main purpose of a donation for children is to strengthen their base at a young age so as to motivate them to build a future for themselves in this society. After all, the country’s future depends on their future.

Hence, the need of the hour is to create awareness about the importance of donations for children as much as possible and increase the number of individual and corporate donors to make sure that these children get good education and nutrition.

Step forward,  donate for children and experience the joy of giving.

Indian Rupee donations are via = only 750 Rs to  feed one child a school lunch for the whole year.

Foreign Currency donations are via = only 15 USD to feed one child a school lunch for the whole year.

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