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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Printing Errata

I have received a copy of my new EM12c book
and while going through it, I found a printing error on page 308.
This is in Chapter 10 which is titled "Ease the Chaos with
Exadata Management". On page 308, there are two paragraphs on the page
(2nd and 3rd paragraphs from the top of the page) that mention that
the “BP1” patch is recommended. The same page also mentions in the fourth
paragraph that Release 2 is recommended. The paragraphs mentioning BP1
were supposed to be removed during the final edit, however due to a
edtorial slip they were not. This is confusing to the reader since
there are two conflicting recommendations on the same page. So,
I have decided to make things clear to the reader.

The paragraphs that should be ignored/removed are as follows:

"For Exadata discovery, the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12cinstallation is
recommended to be on Bundle Patch 1(BP1)if it is not already on that patch level.
Note that applying the BP1 will not change the EM12cversion, since it is not a new
release or even a patch set of Enterprise Manager. The method to verify that the bundle
patch has been applied is to use the opatch utility in the OMS home. In the opatch
output, you should see that the BP1 patch has been applied, which is patch 13242773.

"Otherwise, please refer to the My Oracle Support(MOS)reference document for
applying the BP1 patch. The document ID is 1393173.1, and it is titled Enterprise
Manager Cloud Control Workbook for Applying Bundle Patch 1 (February 2012) and Plugins."

Please ignore these paragraphs. I have asked for them to be removed in all
future printed versions of the book and also the e-book version.

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