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Monday, March 26, 2012

Oracle Application Testing Suite (ATS): Interesting Videos by Acolade Consulting

Acolade Consulting, an Oracle Specialized Gold partner just released these interesting videos:

Oracle Load Testing on an Oracle E-Business implementation

Automating Tests for an ADF / Fusion Application Using Oracle Functional Testing

These webinar recordings are uploaded by "Acolade Tech Channel".

Acolade is an Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Quality Management (EM – AQM) Specialist, and is the first partner company to receive this specialization in the Oracle Partner Network Program.

The Enterprise Manager Application Quality Management solution consist of these distinct offerings:

1. Oracle Application Testing Suite (ATS) – comprises of Oracle Test Manager for test management, Oracle Functional Testing, and Oracle Load Testing for stress, volume and performance testing.

2. Oracle Real Application Testing (RAT) – testing Oracle databases when there is a infrastructure change at the database tier, such as a platform change or a database upgrade

3. Oracle Application Replay - testing applications by capture and replay (using Real User Experience Insight ie. RUEI) when there is an infrastructure change at the application tier.

4. Oracle Data Masking Pack – maintains high level of data security by masking confidential data when copied to test from production, maintaining end to end data integrity.

5. Oracle Test Data Management - for data subsetting, to enable large databases to be subset into smaller databases retaining referential integrity.

Together these solutions enable the customer to manage their entire quality assurance (QA) process, including defining test requirements, creating and executing automated and manual test cases, tracking defects, performing application testing and database testing, subsetting their data and masking confidential columns.


Unknown said...

Do you have any documentation for RUEI installation as multiple server deployment

Porus Homi Havewala (પોરસ હોમી હવેવાલા) said...

Rituraj, this is an old post. You can find newer RUEI documentation on


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