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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now Available: OVERVIEW presentation of Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control

Dear Readers,

Now Available: a brand-new OVERVIEW presentation of Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. This is an excellent introduction to Enterprise Manager in general. Updated to latest EM 12c version.

This presentation also includes a number of slides on the Database Lifecycle Management pack, a very handy pack including database/server/OS configuration management, database provisioning and patch automation, and database change management (schema level changes and comparisons). Have a look at the presentation to get an idea of Cloud Control as well as this newly-combined powerful pack.

Download from Mediafire:

OVERVIEW presentation of Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control including DB Lifecycle Management Pack

Alternatively, download from

Includes a General introduction to Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control, recommended architecture, list of the most popular packs and a short introduction to the Application Management Suites, many slides on the Database Lifecycle Management Pack including the configuration management, provisioning, patch management and database change management aspects. Also includes slides on the new Test Data Management Pack (data subsetting) and a number of slides on Oracle and the cloud, showing cloud setup tasks for Iaas, DbaaS, and PaaS using Enterprise Manager, and on chargeback.

In all a very well-rounded presentation on Enterprise Manager that I have personally delivered to many customers/partners across ASEAN to give a solid idea of what is Enterprise Manager.


If you are based in the ASEAN region and feel your company could use any of the Enterprise Manager packs, please feel free to contact me for further details.




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