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Friday, July 29, 2011

Publisher says Outstanding Orders to be filled soon


I have heard back from the publisher today. They have printed enough copies to fill the demand. All outstanding orders should be filled within the next two weeks. The demand was higher than expected and caught them off guard. That is actually good news that the book is selling better than expected. Moving forward there will be sufficient copies available to satisfy everyone.

Thanks for the great support from all my readers.

You can place an order for the book by clicking on the title below. An out of stock warning may appear right now, but you can safely ignore that. A description of the book is as follows.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control: Advanced OEM Techniques for the Real World

Oracle’s Enterprise Manager Grid Control is recognized as the IT Industry’s leading Oracle stack (application to disk) administration and management tool. It is unrivalled in its ability to monitor, manage, maintain and report on entire enterprise grids that comprise hundreds (if not thousands) of Oracle databases, middle-ware and servers following an approach that is consistent and repeatable, as well as the Oracle Applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and so on.

However, Enterprise Manager Grid Control may seem daunting even to the most advanced Oracle Administrator. The problem is you know about the power of Enterprise Manager but how do you unleash that power amongst what initially appears to be a maze of GUI-based screens that feature a myriad of links to reports and management tasks that in turn lead you to even more reports and management tasks?

This book shows you how to unleash that power.

Based on the Author’s considerable and practical Oracle database and Enterprise Manager Grid Control experience you will learn through illustrated examples how to create and schedule RMAN backups, generate Data Guard Standbys, clone databases and Oracle Homes and patch databases across hundreds and thousands of databases. You will learn how you can unlock the power of the Enterprise Manager Grid Control Packs, PlugIns and Connectors to simplify your database administration across your company’s database network, as also the management and monitoring of important Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and the nuances of all important real-time change control using Enterprise Manager.

There are other books on the market that describe how to install and configure Enterprise Manager but until now they haven’t explained using a simple and illustrated approach how to get the most out of your Enterprise Manager. This book does just that.



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