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Monday, April 5, 2010

New Article on Oracle GoldenGate published


I am pleased to announce a New article of mine has been published in April 2010
on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN):

Using Oracle GoldenGate for Real-Time Data Integration

This article shows you how to install, set up, and configure Oracle GoldenGate to easily achieve seamless replication of data between Oracle Database 10g and 11g. The Enterprise Manager Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate is also described (Oracle GoldenGate Director).

Feedback I received recently from a DBA:
I read your article "Using Oracle GoldenGate for Real-Time Data
Integration" in technology section.It was very interesting and
nicely documented. Thanks for writing good articles like this.




Vladimir Grigorian said...

I have a question about Flashback Data Archive tables in Goldengate replication. Are these tables usually excluded in an extract like "TABLEEXCLUDE .SYS_FBA_*"?
What is the approach for replicating and initial load of Flash Back Data Archive tables?
Here is my problem. I exported a user schema using Oracle DataPump, imported into destination database. GoldenGate abended saying some tables dont exist on dest. I checked tables and there were about 200 tables that were not exported because they are FBDA tables and DataPump just ignores them. So, I recreated them on source with scripts.
So, how is this done? Source and destination have their own FBDA and these tables should not be neither recreated with scripts on dest or replicated? Or they have to be replicated with contents?

Porus Homi Havewala (પોરસ હોમી હવેવાલા) said...

Vladimir, I am sorry, I do not have this information. I would recommend to open an SR with My Oracle Support (MOS) on this topic. Good Luck.

krishna said...

Really a good article.I loved reading and it helped me understand various things i had almost missed.

Can you also help me understand, what if I need to apply Oracle Database patch on primary ? If this is taken care by goldengate it is great and will really take me ahead in implementing OGG.

Porus Homi Havewala (પોરસ હોમી હવેવાલા) said...

No, Oracle patches much be applied by opatch or via Enterprise Manager Database Lifecycle Management Pack.


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