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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scripts Guru shows Database control

I just attended my fellow ACE Director Tanel Poder's 2-day "Celebrity" seminar in Singapore and I can say it is definitely one of the best troubleshooting and performance tuning seminars I have ever attended. Tanel has a unique "out of the box" approach to Oracle tuning in his extensive use of Unix-level utilities. His scripts are also amazing. I would definitely recommend his seminar to anyone else.

By the way Tanel recently became the second ACE Director in Singapore based on my recommendation of his community work to Oracle. It couldnt have happened to a more deserving person.

Everyone calls him the "Scripts Guru" since he has a script for almost anything (and even remembers all the names of his scripts, well almost always!). But what was amazing was that even this scripts Guru showed, right at the end of the seminar, that he was impressed with Database Control 11g! In particular, he demonstrated's use of Real Time Sql monitoring using DBMS_SQLTUNE.REPORT_SQL_MONITOR. This actually shows, in Enterprise Manager Database Control, where a SQL statement is in its execution plan AT THE SAME TIME the sql statement is executing! This requires the license of the Diagnostic and Tuning Packs. For more detail, have a look at this blog entry.

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