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Monday, August 25, 2008

Question on Sybase plugin for Grid Control

Rajesh asked this question:

Hi, I'm trying to configure Sybase ASE plug-in for OEM Grid control. Have downloaded the plug-in and imported into OEM Grid (in setup ---> Management Plug-in's section). The question is about the below section of the pre-requisites which says the apart from OEM Grid Control, we also need to have the agent for windows.
-Oracle Management agent for Windows or higherYou can install the agent on the same computer as Sybase Adaptive Server (referred to as local agent monitoring), or you can install the agent on a different computer from Sybase Adaptive Server (referred to as remote agent monitoring).
Does it mean do we need to install the agent software on the Sybase host (our Sybase ASE runs on Linux) and if so, do we need to install Agent software for Linux? Do we need to install that as Sybase user or do we need to create the Oracle account on the server? Documentation is not clear on this area. Can someone who installed and configured the plug-in for ASE explain this? Thanks, Rajesh


Rajesh, you need to install the Oracle EM10g Agent software on your target Sybase linux server. Install it as the oracle user in its own home. The agent is required for all targets, treat that as a general rule. All the Best.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick reply Porus.
I'll update on the progress later.


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