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Friday, July 18, 2008

Grid Control Live Demos in Oracle Booth

Just manned the Oracle booth yesterday at a Computerworld exhibtiion, and had a running demonstration of EM10g Grid Control on Windows, managing multiple 10g and 11g databases. I had the Grid Control Home page open (also had 11g Database Control up on
another browser window).

There were a number of attendees who had lots of databases (some in the 1000s ) and were doing everything manually. When I showed them what they could do with Grid Control:
  1. See at a glance on the home page the up or down status of targets, which versions of databases they had, how many numbers of each versions, and the same for the server OS,
  2. On the server targers, see the server performance, and the configuration of each server for eg. which OS packages loaded, and compare configurations of servers to find what missing OS package or OS patch is causing an issue,
  3. On the database targets, on the database home page, see at a glance the GB size and the general health of the database, then see the database performance on the performance page with the ability to drill down to Sql statements having the biggest hit on performance, and on the other database pages, the ability to perform DBA tasks on database objects, and the ability to setup and schedule RMAN backups without using unix scripts or cron, the ability to setup Dataguard DR databases, and the ability to clone entire Oracle databases and even entire Oracle Homes, and also the ability to download patches from Metalink and apply them to multiple databases,

And they were convinced Grid Control was very powerful and the best tool to work with Oracle databases.

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