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Saturday, June 7, 2008

EM Packs and Plug-Ins

Many people do not realize how powerful Enterprise Manager Grid Control
has become, with the ability to monitor and manage almost anything. This
is done via Enterprise Manager Packs and Plug-Ins.

These are the main licensable packs for Grid Control, ie, using these
packs needs a licence fee, most people pay per processor:
  • Diagnostic Pack
  • Tuning Pack
  • Provisioning Pack
  • Change Management Pack
  • Configuration Management Pack
  • Data Masking Pack
Most of the Dbas using Grid Control may have used the Diagnostic Pack and
Tuning Pack that are the most commonly used packs for performance issues.
Some of these packs can be used for the database, application server as
well as other infrastructure, for eg, the diagnostic pack.

A number of Dbas may also have used the Provisioning pack, which is used for
patch application, Oracle software cloning, RAC provisioning. The Change
management pack has also been used by some Dbas for comparing
schemas, databases, and dictionary baselines.

The Configuration Management Pack and Data Masking Pack are quite new,
we would love to hear from Dbas who have used these and what their
experience is.

Other packs available for Grid Control are:
  • Diagnostic Pack for non-Oracle middleware
  • Oracle Linux Management Pack
  • SOA Managment Pack
  • Identity Management Pack
  • Service Level Management Pack
  • Business Intelligence Management Pack
  • Management Pack for E-Business Suite
  • Management Pack for Peoplesoft Enterprise
  • Management Pack for Siebel
Then there are a host of Plug-Ins for the Netapps Filer, EMC Clarion, EMC Symmetrix DMX, MS Exchange Server, BEA Weblogic, MS Sql Server, IBM Websphere and so on.

Full details are on


Anonymous said...


Do you've any experience with configuring the EM plug-in for Sybase ASE?
I've gone through the documentation but the existing doco is not clear on a couple of aspects.

I've posted a question on Oracle forums but didnt get the answer yet.

Could you possibly throw some light on this?


Porus Homi Havewala (પોરસ હોમી હવેવાલા) said...

I have replied to your question in a main post.


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